Do not be overcome by evil.
A defense of his efforts, which ought to have been the work of every man in Kenosha.
House Passes BBB, Swing Voter Inflation Concerns, NYT and Kenosha, John McWhorter
"This never happened. It will shock you how much it never happened."
Alarm bells are ringing
Brookings has much to answer for
Plus: Beyond CRT Bans, Rent Costs, Inflation, Wokeness Chart, Finland
The expert class, tired of facing resistance, makes obedience mandatory.
Joe Biden is not a victim of bad circumstance, he's the cause, and your turkey dinner might suffer for it.
Jonathan Turley on Six Degrees of Brookings, Michael Lind on W Resurgence, Russiagate, Culture War
The left has understood the power of the culture war for half a century. Now the right has figured it out too.
Rachel Bovard's remarks, Fentanyl surge, West Point mandates, Buffalo rejects socialism, Big Tent Culture War