Podcast: Ryan Holiday On Courage

Plus, upcoming show guests

Hello everyone - if you’re a paying subscriber to The Transom, you should be getting the scripts of my Fox News Primetime monologues all this week - tonight’s my last night, so I hope you’ll tune in at 7 PM Eastern. For public subscribers, I’ll be sending out emails like this one regularly, with my work in other venues as well as articles of interest.

My weekly podcast with Fox News is here. I hope you’ll subscribe and listen to the latest edition with author and stoic philosopher Ryan Holiday, who was one of my guests on-air last night. We discussed his latest book, Courage Is Calling, and debated how much courage is defined by the cause it supports. You can also check out prior episodes with Scott Adams, Miranda Devine, Elbridge Colby and more.

In the coming weeks, our guests include Victor Davis Hanson, John McWhorter, and Joe Lieberman - all of whom have new and interesting books. If you have questions for them, I’m eager to hear suggestions.

Next week I’ll resume the daily newsletter that includes some aggregation, albeit not as much as under the old model. Until then, here are some of the articles and Substack newsletters I’m reading as well as a new cooking video from Chris Bedford.


Articles of Interest:

Mollie Hemingway: I Interviewed Trump For Five Hours, Here’s Some Highlights.

John Davidson: NBA Players Are Becoming Key Voices On Vaccine Mandates.

Joy Pullmann: Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Exist, It’s Just a Press Release.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Critical Race Theory’s New Disguise.

Mike Gonzalez: What the Media Doesn’t Want You To Know About the Murder Spike.

Guardian: The Murder Rate For Black Women Continues To Rise.

Hollywood Reporter: Covid Vaccine Mandates Are Roiling Hollywood.

John Stossel: Why I Just Sued Facebook.

Vice: Investors Spent Millions On Evolved Ape NFTs, Then Got Scammed.

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